The Patchwork Guild

A motley patch-up of RO's Good, Bad, and Ugly

RO Patchwork Guild
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This is the journal for a Guild on the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. This guild is on the Sakray Server.

This is the place for guild members to post and talk about whatever they like, and also where officers will announce Guild events and contests.

Guild Leader:
Jabberwocky_Ai (LJ)
JabberwockyAi (AIM)
jabberwock_ai@yahoo.com (E-mail)
Mikheil Jeine (RO)

Guild Officers:

Vice President:
(Currently None)

Officer 1: -Swift-

Officer 2: ~Hyphy~

Guild Info

This is a multi-class guild. Meaning any class and any level is welcome to join. In other words, from Novice to Transcendant, everyone is welcome.

While this guild is not currently in WOE, if there is enough support for it, it will become a WOE guild.


1. There is no age limit to who can join, however to be an officer you must be 16 or older.

2. Keep the discussion suitable for 13yrs or younger. If you wish to be profane, take it to your own personal journal or IMs or whatnot. Keep it out of the community.

3. There will be no flame-wars. Debate is fine, but if there is a problem bring it to me or the vice-president.

4. Art is welcome in the community. Pornography is not.

5. Please be literate in the community. I understand RO has a word limit in the chat box, but LJ does not. I'm not asking for perfect spelling or no typos, but limit your shorthand and chatspeak to something that reasonably resembles the english language. Do it for the kittens.